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Added: 03.04.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: AdamW
Country: New Zealand

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This is my "upstairs" console, on the 3rd story.
The main pc (larger monitor, lower case, lower keyboard/mouse) is a nice 2.5gh/z machine i've had for over 2 years. Was the king, and still runs sweet. Win2k only ofcorse!
Server system is a simple AMDk6 500mhz machine, runs all my main software, MSN, paint shop pro, video vegas etc thru the network, 100mbit, oh and of corse my Mp3's o.O, server has a tempurature probe in it, and at the time of photo measures
27.0c (room - 22.6c) OR 72.7f (room - 80.6f)
I use the server via realVNC at the moment, (and as you can see the monitor is being used to display the picture of the sexy Mitsi GTO) even though it has a keyboard and mouse because it soon going on a 19" rack mount under the house with my 24 port switch (in the post ^.^ )
Below my desk is my dual 10" woofer's which really move air.
Please offer your feedback.
(couple of stats:
AOC 19" Monitor
Phillips 14" Monitor (free from school)
Dual Wireless Keyboards
Dual MS Optical Mice (5 finger discount from school)
Anything else just ask in a post and i'll get back to you, or email me!)

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*anonymous*05.06.2007 18:49
1st world nerds

AdamW07.04.2005 07:17
its awesome aye, its my late nanna's

Spiddel06.04.2005 17:09
U have a real mouse MAT :D

AdamW04.04.2005 07:20
those are 10" and the wires you see are for the tweeters/midranges

Pldn03.04.2005 23:32
Your 10" woofers look pretty small. :P
And that whole desk is a big mess. :D

sakkeosis03.04.2005 21:49
"my dual 10" woofer's which really move air" Looks like basic philips etc. speakers. They can't move the air with those speaker cables, like 1mm2 or something :P