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Added: 05.04.2005
Single case mods
Owner: AdamW
Country: New Zealand

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Very easy mod to do, simply found out it would fit a nice big 120mm behind it then "vivid"ed around it and drilled corner holes, then I turned it over and made a grid with a pencil on where I would drill the holes for the air.

I chose quite large holes, and not many of them. Although I think this has meant that the fan doesn't pull much air and thus makes it spin faster, meaning more noise. But the main reason I didn't drill many holes is so the fan is quite unobvious.

If I had wanted a total "unobvious" fan I should have hot glued the fan in so I didn't need the corner holes, this would have made it just look like a Dell with the nice front.


first pic: finished mod
second pic: drilling on front of case
third pic: where i had to remove plastic to make the fan fit.
forth pic: before the mod..


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Rating: 1.81 - Votes: 21

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kuppazki06.05.2005 13:05
Those bulletholes would look nicer if u shot them with a real rifle :)

*anonymous*10.04.2005 21:10

AdamW06.04.2005 07:54
nah, if i pencild it inside then it make's rough holes on the outside you see. Adam.

Unliving05.04.2005 13:41
That temp moniter just doesnt mix with the case...try to modify it to mount it in a drive bay...and you could paint the case cuz the paintjob is really old from what I see...good job...another thing...when you used that pencil you should had done it from the inside of the bevel..