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Added: 05.04.2005
Single case mods
Owner: FaTLip
Country: Finland

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ihka ensimmäinen itse modailtu vanha tavallinen halpis kotelo johon tein ikkunan ja virrittelin valot vähän näyttävyyttä lisäämään tai jotain... :) Etu paneelille pitäs tehdä vielä jotain... se on kauheen näkönen!

My first case modding witch I made from regular old cheap case... I made window and put some lights to spice insides a little or something else... :) I should do something for the front panel... it looks terrible!

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 73

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CardentheCorrupt25.05.2005 20:14
This is probably one of my favorite window designs, though I usually don't like windows that large. I really enjoy the colors you picked too, especially the white border that you used. I also advise you not to worry about changing the blue light as someone previously mentioned, it offsets the rest of the case. Just do something about the front panel.

anthax26.04.2005 21:16
I must admit that this looks good. Thumbs up, little more work and white cathode inside and this looks very good in the middle of all mod mass.

shug20.04.2005 07:39
Hey Looks Good.

Xcel09.04.2005 06:37
Looks neat and tidy and has plenty of room the way I see it. Try and replace the black exhaust fan with a blue LED or UV sensitive fan to add extra "shine". Sleeve the rest of your cables with some shrink wrap or split loom so it wont look messy. And if you are getting bad temps, try and dremel a spot on the window for a fan. Try and hide the cables and route them around the drive cages. Other than that it looks good. :D

MaxaMaccara06.04.2005 22:27
koko etupaneeli ja cd-asemat hopeiseks ni on kolee kyl, toi pyöree ikkuna sopii tohon hyvin :D

Japala .:admin05.04.2005 21:24
Or in both IRCNet and Quakenet. ;)

jokipoika05.04.2005 21:06
Window looks niiiiiiiice. But that blue light inside doesn't fit in the case. Do something to the front and quick, it lookz TERRIBLE.

Mutta vielä suomea loppuun.. Joku punavalko-ratkaisu eteen niin vóila. 4/5. ^___^

MaDmAx 6905.04.2005 20:33
cd asemien paneelit "hopeiks" ni Vóila

4/5 pojoo......(asemat viel ni 5/5)

Pataatti05.04.2005 19:59
dude u may join #m0d @ Quakenet... And of course all m0dders can join ^.^ . Suomalainen kannu.

*anonymous*05.04.2005 19:16
looks clean and nice, 4.5/5 clean the cables up a bit.