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Added: 07.04.2005
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: guitarockerk
Country: USA

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ok this was me cleaning my room and finding an old reflector thingy... well i made it more "useful"...

it flashes when the red part is turned but it dims too much to really see it flash... now turning it kinda just turns it off...

it was soposed to be like a locator light if your lost in a large room with only your computer, so the search team team can find you...

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Rating: 3.37 - Votes: 30

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UNDO_200004.07.2005 15:31
Oh thank god. I cant even count to all the times I've gotten lost with my computer in a large room. My friends and family have had to sent out search teams that has spent hours trying to find me. Now, thank god, there is a solution...

But seriously, cool... um... thing.

guitarockerk08.04.2005 06:22
I suffer from Maniac hyper dillusional disorder... so I forget were i am all the time... or worse i forget were my computer is)... i use the locator light to find my computer(the only thing meaning full and real to me)...

Cube07.04.2005 19:12
I was once lost in a large room with only my computer. The search team found me because i used locator light. Thank you locator light, you saved my life. 5/5

Rambooow07.04.2005 10:55
hehe, cool

N507.04.2005 08:27
pure genius.