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Added: 11.04.2005
Full Case
Owner: Jipa
Country: Finland

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I made this one for Had only week time so this doesn't look like I ment it to. However it looks nicer than original o/

Eli kiireellš vššnnetty modaus rujolle KME:n fulltowerille. Ei nšytš ihan siltš ku oli alunperin tarkotus, mutta parempi kuin alkuperšinen silti.

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Rating: 2.43 - Votes: 54

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Jipa11.11.2006 22:21
jesse: yes it pretty much went straight to the junkyard after the bitparties.

Darksog: Naah, I never even thought I'd paint the rest of the case.. I like the looks of brushed/plain metal.

Breene: as the description says, I had a terrible hurry when I made it.. I think there's few good ideas but the overall looks is just ugly :)

Breene08.06.2006 22:12
Nice design but put togeather poorly...

tuttuveheje:D27.01.2006 21:06
Joo tuli vilkuiltua tuota konettas -05 partyillä oli komia

Darksog21.06.2005 15:30
Loppuko maali keske?? :P hehe

jesse17.06.2005 18:40
you have destroyed your pc :D

Jipa16.06.2005 03:53
Thanks again to everybody for sending comments. I'm about to get rid of this case and modify Compaq-servercase so ATX-mobo'n'stuff will fit there.

If someone wants this case, I maybe'll sell it soon ;)

Jorma14.05.2005 12:49
Suht ruma... mut hienoja yksityiskohtia...

Maq14.04.2005 20:46
well its kinda special but i think it wil be lost in the mass.

sorry for my bad english

bOa14.04.2005 17:51
Very nice indeed

Jipa12.04.2005 17:06
Ja hyperkutinalle vielä, boxed pitää ton prossun (3000+) jossain 30-40c. Lämmöistä ei todellakaan ole ongelmaa. Ulkonäkö on sit asia erikseen :)

Jipa12.04.2005 17:05
Hyperkutina: Casemod-compon voittorahoilla tulee arctic coolingin palikka ja näyttikselle jotain uutta kans. En ala ulkonäölle tekemään mitään, modaan koko toosan uusiksi :) Seuraavaksi tulee Mr. Green, näät sen sitte BP06 ;)

anonymous: I'm afraid I wont tidy it up. As I said to hyperkutina, I'll remod it totally...

Hyperkutina12.04.2005 16:26
Seen that on Bitparty 2005.
Tuon prosessorijäähyn saisi edelleenkin vaihtaa parempaan :)
Muutenkin voisit vielä hioa tuota ulkonäköä..

*anonymous*12.04.2005 15:55
you need to tidy it up, 4/5 but the mod has potencial

Jipa12.04.2005 15:39
I maybe should've taken photo shoving details of frontpanel. I ment it to be that kind of, it's not the paint, it's other thing which makes it look "ugly".

dcmodder12.04.2005 04:12
i like it. it looks like it was just dropped from a plane.and that's what half life is all about. well other than half the amount of time that it takes certain elements to break down into it's sister elements. but that's beside the point. 4/5

Jazzpirate12.04.2005 02:54
yeah, its a good first attempt, and certainly better than my case. but it is indeed looking rough.

me too12.04.2005 02:40
yeah. sorry. that's ugly.

Me12.04.2005 00:36
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this thing is ugly.