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Added: 18.04.2005
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: guitarockerk
Country: USA

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I have a large speaker that i have on a shelf across from my computer, so i have a wire running to it... i wanted to eliminate the wire so i took an old set of walky-talkies put them in a cream cheese container and a mint box and now i have a wireless music sender and reciver...

the cream cheese container is the sender and the mint box is the reciever... the sound quality really stinks... using it with my large speaker would be a crime, so I use it with headphones...

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Rating: 3.17 - Votes: 24

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shlliekas25.11.2006 19:06
realy cool idea ;)

j18722.02.2006 02:56
good idea! the missus just spent £60 on wireless headphones, so this weekend i may just prove her wrong....

guitarockerk28.04.2005 06:23
I like cheese...

PowerBerit26.04.2005 18:26
thats nice but; WHY THE CHEESE CAN??

Scotty24.04.2005 16:28
It's only illegal to use high-power FM transmitters. Anything you can buy in the shops (dixons etc) id legal and can only transmit like 10 metres (if that).

Kelvandor21.04.2005 13:29
If the walkie-talkies that were gutted were of the old kids toy types, then they were most likely AM, so should be no worries about FM legal problems.

dj_billz20.04.2005 23:45
hey thats cool. i think i might give it a go. would be good to attach it to a pair of head phones so they were completely wireless..

Neathol7720.04.2005 10:09
nice idea if a bit dodgy 3/5.....a bit cheesy

T-L-G20.04.2005 01:25
FM is not illegal, but it may only be used by people with a license - and thats very hard to get.

Thats how it works en Denmark, but i would guess its like this in the ret of EU.

The reson is, that they wish to make sure that signals don't use the same frekvens.

guitarockerk20.04.2005 00:29
why is FM illegal in Europe?

Cavedweller19.04.2005 21:45
No we don't have i-Trips. Sadly... I really, REALLY would like one. You can of cause import one but if you get caught you will get a _very_ large fine.

Short Wave radio is leagal so you can transmit "high" quality radio. Just not FM.

Spaminator19.04.2005 21:03
It is illeagal to transmit FM in europe? Do you have Ipod I-trips there? If you do you are transmitting FM! Is it illeagal to even transmit short range high frequency? If so europe is wierd...

Cavedweller18.04.2005 23:40
That is really cool. Something you always can use.

Bh420 Perhaps but that would make it very illegal in europe.

guitarockerk18.04.2005 17:00
plans? I don't really have any plans... I just gutted two walky talkies and soldered audio-plugs were the mic/speaker should be...

I was thinking about posting a guide on my website... so maybe I'll write it up...

Bh42018.04.2005 12:01
neat idea and all but a better choice would be an fm transmitter setup

tbone18.04.2005 11:08
can you post plans? cool idea though. how well does it work? why cream cheese?

slickness18.04.2005 08:31
Good idea, its smart how to managed to use a radio channel to send the audio.