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Added: 24.04.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Pldn
Country: Finland

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Some pictures of my desk in all it's "glory".Logitech's Z-5300 5.1 speaker set can be seen from the pictures, the rear speakers are mounted on Outstanding SUR-112S speaker stands. They do not look very good with such small satellites. :/
The red glow coming behind the desk is from a modified IKEA-light, I made a plastic cover for the light, which I colored red.
I'll leave you guessing where that blue glow comes from. The blue glow lights the sanded glass fully (the power of the light is a bit dim coming through the glass, but it looks really good), and that effect cannot be seen from the pictures. I'll try to get better pictures of it later and post a link here.
The Shuttle has 2 red CCFL's inside and a CCFL-controller, I'll post some pictures and information about the project later when I finish it.

Sorry about the quality of the night-shots, my hand was a bit shaky and the camera ran out of power before I could take any better pictures.


There are some more pictures in that directory (/desk/), and the ones which I posted but with better quality.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

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CardentheCorrupt17.06.2005 03:36
I think RX800's and anything of the X800 series requires at least 300 Watts minimum.

Pldn16.06.2005 22:17
This setup is soon going to change.
I'm going to buy an 32" LCD-TV and get the set up as a HTPC. :)

brandonamp28.04.2005 20:30
hey, pretty cool.

Pldn27.04.2005 00:20
I'm going to ditch the IKEA-light, and buy some cathodes and a PSU for them.
I'm not going to risk my shuttle by plugging the cathodes in to the shuttle's PSU, it is only 250W, and soon it will be needed to power an RX800. :)

Pldn25.04.2005 12:57
Updated version of my last post.
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Remember to take a look at the other pictures of the desk: