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Added: 25.04.2005
Full Case
Owner: Rapster_mc
Country: New Zealand

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hi My names Anthony and im from new zealand and i am 15. here is my pc (i admit i am a newbie to this modding scene but after seeing all the case mods out there i decided to do some work on my case. as you can see i have made a side panel window i have tidyed up the cables in my case added a neon added two neon fans (1 in the front 1 inside)i have added lights to my molex plugs and a stelthed flopy drive (i did have a stealthed cd drive but putting the fan in the front ment i had to remove it. the reson for the name of the case is because the front of the case looks like a cyborg or somthing like that and the blue is because that is the main colours i used

Admin's comments/notes:
You call yourself a modder and have a premodded mousepad?... urgh... ;)

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Rating: 2.84 - Votes: 32

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*anonymous*11.05.2005 12:12
lol shot computer nerds from wills couzin hannah

rapster_mc10.05.2005 09:49
the reason for the stock heatsink is that i trying to keep it under waranty as i have managed to keep in it (lol you would think that i have invalidated the waranty)

Spaminator03.05.2005 20:18
Yeah nice job for a first timer. A little advice: When doing a window mod, make sure you have something cool to look at through the window... Sure the blue lighting is cool but the cool effect was killed by ur crappy stock heat sink/fan. Did u get that out of an old p4 ibm? I think that's what those come in.... at any rate UPGRADE BRO!!! 2/5

Godson27.04.2005 15:44
For the first attempt at modding, you did a pretty good job. Clean cablework and nice lighting effect. Keep on modding!

mr mod26.04.2005 05:11
i like it. the front fan looks sweet

*anonymous*26.04.2005 02:35
i brought the window cut the hole and installed it

rapster_mc26.04.2005 02:34
i ant burning the window thats the only premodded thing

*anonymous*26.04.2005 02:03
I looks like a washing machine

Cargocult26.04.2005 00:44
I like the idea of the lighted fan in the front. Is the window a premod??? If it is, that seriously detracts from the coolfactor of the case. The colors are cool, because the blue contrasts well against the orange light in front.
But lose the flames on the side, k?

moe25.04.2005 21:08
If you cant make a simple window without a ready kit, dont do it.

Coolkingz25.04.2005 21:01
BURN all premodded stuff!!!