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Added: 27.04.2005
Full Case
Owner: zitex
Country: Russian Federation
WWW: http://-----------------------

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post nucler case mod, workLogs on russian

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Rating: 3.02 - Votes: 147

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bubu05.12.2006 15:54
cool lol !

aaaatu12.09.2006 12:17
lol. Is it a christmas tree?

kater27.02.2006 21:24
nice fallout-ish mod, though not completely postatomic, but nice anyway

*anonymous*18.10.2005 11:17
pls. take off... that telephone wire...

zitex04.07.2005 10:53
Last updating on

CardentheCorrupt21.06.2005 21:51
I've played every Fallout game to date. And I disagree that it's supposed to be "Cluttered". Nuclear Bombs don't "Clutter" things, they destroy and dismantle them. If your looking at it at the aspect of people struggling to live, using every possible resource they can, then I suppose this case could have a point.

ZERO21.06.2005 21:09
looks to be built by some one that experenced the end of the world wile on LSD lol rofl.

but defently very creative. i like the frunt excpt that the black face plate on the guages stands out. too much

Steffu21.06.2005 17:51
That case is awesome!!! Even ppl that doesnt like fallout must agree :P ... but hey who doesnt like fallout?

Jena14.06.2005 18:03
I guess it's a good subsitute for a Xmas tree.

*anonymous*03.06.2005 16:47
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll what do you want with this??? Dig a pity and... well, you know rest...

Heepo30.05.2005 02:30
People who calls this overdone obviously aren't Fallout fans. Frontpanel of this case is so overdone as everything in Fallout so as a fan i like it very much ;)

*anonymous*28.05.2005 04:43
darn ugly XD

FalloutMe!24.05.2005 21:18
Don't care about those "darn ugly" posts, cause I think that they dont get it, that the post is meant to be like that!
--Get me right, I mean, that that PC is a nuclear war themed case--

5/5 For Da Fallout!

CardentheCorrupt24.05.2005 04:28
Fallout happens to be one of my favorite games. But, I'm not overly impressed with this case, mediocre at best. I want to say that it's overdone, but it's hard to because it's intentionally cluttered. That Drive bay accessary, can't recall it's name; looks very out of place. 2.5/5

*anonymous*22.05.2005 22:41
Wow, this thing is REALLY ugly.
Well, i guess its just not my style..

zitex22.05.2005 12:16
War never does not vary It has made the world much worse, than it was. On yours futuristic modding style to us is sweet and pleasant? It is a masterpiece in style of rough realism, shows severe validity up to the end, without indulgences.

vortex17.05.2005 22:37
very bad, i don´t think that´s a beautiful case

zitex08.05.2005 10:24
Updating has been made

kilpikon306.05.2005 12:32
way damn overdone

*anonymous*04.05.2005 07:41

dj_billz03.05.2005 01:41
pretty darn cool! its messy but i guess thats the effect. i like it!

Sasseli02.05.2005 19:08
far too much stuff, but still quite nice.... christhmastree

zitex01.05.2005 19:54
Because 120 grill it is practically impossible to meet on sale. And if it goes right there there does not be not nothing except for biohazard and several more

*anonymous*01.05.2005 18:27
why 120 mm fan with 80 mm grill?

Marneaus30.04.2005 19:06
You are my hero. Fallout and post apoc make for an awesome PC. Great job.

Nick29.04.2005 21:56
Thats the uglyest thing i have ever seen! EVER!!! OMG!!!

sciatic29.04.2005 15:08
"näytää aikamoiselta räpellykseltä tuo etuosa varsinkin"

tyyyyyyhmät ihmiset. POST NUCLEAR teema, tarkoittaen tyylii ydinsodan jälkeen romuista koottua konetta :P

zitex28.04.2005 19:49
Thanks, but I consider, that the goodest in such business

Ramboow28.04.2005 15:11
Nice work dude,

Cargocult28.04.2005 14:42
Coolest post-apocalyptic mod I ever saw, and I've seen a lot of those!! * * * * *.
That window shape is very well thought out, and I think tha those twirly wires in the front are being used too little in modding.
Fallout ROCKS and so do you!!!

Harakiri28.04.2005 14:33
1 point from Fallout and 4 because the case so damn cool.

as28.04.2005 06:45
näytää aikamoiselta räpellykseltä tuo etuosa varsinkin

Ratman27.04.2005 23:45
Not bad.. but like the others already said. TO MUCH stuff!

Adam27.04.2005 23:41
Good lord, there is so much STUFF. take a shot from the side, not from the diagonal side...just so we can get a good look at the inside.

Zedai[Rasengan]27.04.2005 23:01
There is too much... EVERYTHING! If case would be simplier, it would be 100 % cooler... But it´s cool in some way. 3/5

Reserva27.04.2005 22:17
I think it`s confused..?

Cavedweller27.04.2005 21:14