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Added: 28.04.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: Fido
Country: Finland

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i got tired of grouching behind the cpu and trying to reach the usb port. the real boost to this mod i got when i bought new mp3player that goes directly to the port. also i wanted to try new techniques for bending plexiglass, lighting it and use of paints.

it is made out of 5mm clear plexiglass and is lighted with uv led. paint is uv sensitive. project was quite hard to finish due to the thickness of the material and lack of space in soldering.

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 25

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Knuuttila03.05.2005 17:23
Please tell us how did you did it.Im pretty sure that meny of us would like to know.

Fido28.04.2005 20:12
yes its a usb extension cord modified into a "docking station". i used only hot air and time (heat until its soft then bend and hold. repeat. also applies to closing corners) . one thing i have learned with plexi is: do not rush it. otherwise it starts forming bubbels and ruins the looks.

Cargocult28.04.2005 14:37
That plexiglas bend rocks! Please tell us how you did that. Did you use a mold of some kind???

guitarockerk28.04.2005 06:50
so it's a usb extension, right? 4/5