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Added: 28.04.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Shiroi
Country: Finland

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This is my room.

MotherBoard: Epox 8RDA3+
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2500+
Memory: 2x Transcend 512Mb 400MHz
Graphics Card: Gainward GF6600GT-VIVO Golden Sample
Hard Drives: Seagate Barracuda 120 Gb Ata & Maxtor 160 Gb Sata
SoundCard SoundBlaster Audigy ES
TFT-Display: Samsung SyncMaster 710T
Keyboard: KeyTronic
Mouse: Logitech MX510
Microfone: Labtec AM-22
Operating System: Windows XP Pro


Amplifier: Sony STR-DE215
Speakers: Simex SCSAT2
Subwoofer: Jamo SW6000-a


TšmmŲnen on minun tyŲhuoneeni, jossa vietšn suurimmanosan vapaa-ajastani. Aika kuluu pelaten, Irc:aten ja Animea katsellen.

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Rating: 2.16 - Votes: 19

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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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S06.06.2006 15:36
Hankkiudu eroon tosta näppiksestä. :|

Mortone16.10.2005 22:55
Ainoa mikä pistää ilkeästi silmään on näppis. :D

Philipp11.05.2005 17:29
I have got a Labtec AM-22 as well, but I have a problem with it. When I plug the microfone in the port, the computer doesnt't discern the microfone. And I don't know how to install. Can you help me? I want to use the microfone with teamspeak. Is that possible?


Pldn29.04.2005 00:27
"pari", noh, ihan siisti muuten.
Sul on muuten sama tulostin/skannerikombo ja tollainen lattiatuuletin. :)

Shiroi28.04.2005 22:13
pari johtoa on jääny ilkeästi roikkuumaan.