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Added: 04.05.2005
Full Case
Owner: blacksaber
Country: Indonesia

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i mod my huge case, cause i want more air in my case so i cut anywhere from my case, hehehe.

my computer spec :
Atlon XP 2400+
Asus A7V800
Memory 512mb PC3200 DDR
HDD Seagate 120gb SATA
Ati Radeon All in Wander 9000pro
CD-RW Teac 16x, DVD-RW Pioneer 4x
Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

Admin's comments/notes:
Hmm, not so many case mods here but perhaps we should let others decide how this ranks up.

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 70

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Wolf_modius13.01.2007 14:13
loving the glow in the dark dinosaur =P

wootinator04.08.2006 09:37
love the dinosaours

*anonymous*18.10.2005 11:14

Xstract@hotmail.com03.09.2005 22:24
ohh. nice case :) it looks verry cool with the collors you have choosen i think :) nice work!

Skoper14.07.2005 17:03

Solid-Steve28.06.2005 21:13
Wow, nicely done. I really like the uv accents.

vcmov_1503.06.2005 13:31
woaaahhh man the coolest PC so far. how did u do it man how come ur case is so big i want to modify my PC like dat how did u do it. email me man its teach me pleaseee??

Adobe18.05.2005 00:41
i like all of the uv stuff on it

*anonymous*08.05.2005 22:27
looks good but it is beyond me why anyone would need a pc that big

AR04.05.2005 23:43
Thought is was a liquid cooling from the side lol.
nice job on the UV paint. not many mods but its koool 4/5

Rambooow04.05.2005 22:03
Jeah, cool mod, I give it a 4

OverClocker3000@400004.05.2005 19:54
Cool MOD, I like it

guitarockerk04.05.2005 16:34
lol, a dinosaur...

Ratman04.05.2005 10:20
It is VERY complete, but maybe a bit to much in the upper level, to much cabels. But it still looks nice.

N504.05.2005 08:53
I know that glow in the dark and uv reactive paint can be hard to apply evenly due to the particle size of the pigmints, but some of those areas just look too shoddy. Nice to see details like front usb/audio mobo connecters and modem done. all in all one of the more complete UV cases i've seen.