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Added: 08.05.2005
Full Case
Owner: T6
Country: Finland

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What I've done:

-Window, the shape may be boring but there wasn't many choices because of this pattern they've made to side panel in factory.

-paint job, I used metallic blue and silver.

-cable management, I think they're ok now.

-red CCFL inside and blue under the case.

-top blowhole, I was going to use some mesh for grill but I didn't find it anywhere.

-stealthed drive


Quite basic stuff but I like it anyway and I liked to keep it simple. It's just my second mod though.

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 28

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Bob7k26.07.2006 23:25
nah, it isnt, looks alot like it thou

Bob7k26.07.2006 23:24
That case looks a lot like the one im using now, unmodded, if it is, i must warn you, that PSU is of the lowest quality there is

plops17.08.2005 00:00
iha samanlainen micro-onen kotelo niin ku meikäläisellä :)

yup10.05.2005 22:54
Nah, it's not my case is it ;P Most important is that u like it and wires r easy to change. Nothing irreversible if u know what i mean =)

T610.05.2005 20:13
You're right. I took a look of that forum and I saw some cases
with awesome wire management. In my case they could be better but it's not too irritating or is it? And yeah, the picture lies. It's been taken with video camera's still picture mode. I wish I had a digital camera... :)

yup10.05.2005 19:12
Atleast 1st pic, window's up left corner looks sharpy. I dont know if pics lies tho. And WHAT YOU SAID?! Cant Hide WIRES??? ARGH, man man man, u can hide that wire for sure, dont talk BS :) look at this forum, maby u learn something

T609.05.2005 21:48
And to you Adan: I'm not living in a cabin. Walls are just made out of wood. :)

T609.05.2005 21:45
Those wires are inside a black loom and they don't look too bad to me. Besides that one wire there goes from CD-drive to soundcard and cannot be hidden. In what picture can you see bad cut window edges?

yup09.05.2005 17:55
window cut is bad and dont make windows if u dont bother to hide ur wires. 2/5

Adan09.05.2005 16:58
do you live in a cabin?
Good job on stealthing that drive, i can't even tell where it is :P

slickness09.05.2005 02:19
not too bad, now you use need to make a bigger HDD light indicator. 4/5