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Added: 09.05.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Jacky
Country: Finland

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Just a pic of my "office."

MotherBoard: Abit AI7
Processor: Intel P4 2.8GHz
Memory: 2x Kingston 512Mb
Graphics Card: Abit R9600XT ViVo
Hard Drives: Samsung 80 Gb Seagate 160 Gb Sata
DVD-Burner: Lite-On 401
SoundCard: SoundBlaster Live Platinum
TFT-Display: BenQ FP937S-D
Keyboard: Apple wireless
Mouse: Logitech MX900
Operating System: Windows XP Pro

Logitech Rumblepad cordless
Logitech Formula Force
Saitek X52

+ my beloved N-Gage QD ;)

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Rating: 3.33 - Votes: 21

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bachan11408.01.2006 00:41
i like the pink bedsheets too...;)(i hope this is a girls room!)

*anonymous*15.10.2005 21:34
toi näyttää iha siistille! et tos huomaa et ei tarvi mitää erikois valoi et saa näyttää hienolle. anna täs täydet pisteet, koska hieno ilman mitää valoja

*anonymous*01.07.2005 20:23
It's open from behind so it won't make any difference if I put it on the desk. More easthetic like this... And gives more space ;)

osmoloo28.06.2005 12:32
Clean and nice. 5/5

CardentheCorrupt21.06.2005 22:04
I love the fact that you use a Mac keyboard. I really like the speakers too. Probably one of my favorite desk shots.

Xcel09.06.2005 09:45
Take your PC case out of that enclosed rack compartment thing. It will block ventilation and cause components to fry. I have one of them on my desk too, but I didnt put my case in it because it will overheat.

Jacky27.05.2005 23:51
Thanks. They're selfmade... ;)

*anonymous*27.05.2005 02:54
love the speakers! and the phone we have the same