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Added: 09.05.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Stormy
Country: Finland

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My room. I usually have two machines, first one is running 24/7 as a Linux-server and the second machine is (usually) running Win2k.

The Linux machine is dual P3 and acting as a server, a very manic depressive one sometimes.. especially it's bot on ircnet. The Windows machine is on only during daytime, partly because I do pay for the house's electricity and partly because I don't need it while sleeping.

The room has also old 25" tv with Playstation 2 attached to it. On the opposite side from the monitors is a large black leather couch.

On the picture #1 the two laptops aren't usually here, the one on left is my work laptop and the one on the right is friend's. Both latptops were here at the same time by accident and I felt it was a kodak moment :)

At picture #2 I'm building the currect Linux box which replaced the old one. Afterall, P2 233MHz was getting a little slow for todays Linux distibutions (With KDE) :)

The picture #3 is the last one, just took that like five minutes ago. Sorry for the low quality, it was a little dark when I took the picture.

The monitors are 21" and the keyboards are ancient Keytronics, use no substitutes! What you can't see from the pictures are the ADSL-modem (full rate of course), the switch, stereos and some other misc computer related stuff bundled in the closet or just outside of the pictures.

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BarCodeKing07.10.2006 23:09
Well, I would pay this bill instead of Las Vegas's daily bill

Stormy10.05.2005 14:21
I pay for the electricity and all the stuff myself.

Olli10.05.2005 11:58
Papa betalar :D

slickness10.05.2005 02:01
GOD damn, you room must take like 1500-2500watts of power! 3 comps, 3 montiors, lights, laptops, and probably more stuff. I feel sry for the one paying the bill. I would think more highly or your setup, but its not a dual screen. Just 2 comps.