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Added: 10.05.2005
Single case mods
Owner: Epeli
Country: Finland

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Soo .. Here we are again whit almost finished casemod .. some catode lights missing, other sidepanel and fans but i dont mind ill show it anyway. So i came up whit this idea to built a new case .. and that was it ---> you can se the results

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 37

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Hso23.03.2006 15:17
I assume you're going to put a green LED fan in that square at the bottom?

*anonymous*29.11.2005 23:34
that is a sweet job i would like to make my mod look like that

Victor Freeze25.09.2005 09:57
Tää on tosi hieno! ainakin nuo muodot käy miun silmään erikoisen hyvin!!! 5 sait, ole hyvä...

Epeli17.05.2005 18:58
i like it so alien will stay right where it is

drinn13.05.2005 20:21
The alien in the front panel looks awful IMO.. Try to paint it away or something? :D
And try also to get better images :)

However great job :D 4/5

Nado11.05.2005 20:39
strange, but somehow cool. 3/5

Olli10.05.2005 21:29
Hienosti tehty, mutta aiheesta en pidä.