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Added: 11.05.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: Relow
Country: Finland

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hmm. tuli mieleen että tarvitsen koneen vieressä jonkin näköistä tuuletinta, kiihkeiden peli sessioiden vuoksi. etsin kauan sopivaa "telinettä" tuulettimelle kunnes löysin :D joten
tein sen perinteiseen tölkkiin :)

Admin's comments/notes:
Personal cooler for long LAN sessions. Made from an energydrink can.

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Rating: 3.36 - Votes: 33

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N520.05.2005 03:06
yea reminds me of those containters in UT2004 that have glowing blue rings and screens.

Relow20.05.2005 02:42
hmm... N5.. what you mean from UT? Unreal tournament??? :P
that was my first own mod... I think it is very crappy...
but it's very useful :D

zeppe18.05.2005 18:34
aika härö idea joo :)
ja kuppazki, kyl teho aina batteryn pieksee on ainaki ees suomalaine nimi :)
0n toi kyl 4/5, vois tehä iteki tommosen

kuppazki16.05.2005 17:14
oisit ny voinu ees batterytölkkii laittaa.... :D

Karvaperse16.05.2005 09:27
Hei kerroppa mikä tuuletin sulla tossa on.. on maili

wuaij15.05.2005 20:06
That thing rox! :D 51

Karvaperse15.05.2005 14:25
Helvetin helmi idea :D

N515.05.2005 02:03
looks like something from UT. fits the theme perfectly. 5

Dr_x14.05.2005 21:04
i like this, i want to try something different but put it into case and blow air in (yes i know there is a term for this i tust forgot) and anyone know where i can get a tutorial for something like this???

drinn14.05.2005 01:22
Nice job dude! 4/5

The name of the energy drink hits perfectly into case :D
For foreigners: Teho = Power

moe11.05.2005 14:21
Nice man.
Mind if i copy? :D
Cos i was loking for a portable fan for Assembly and i think i've ended the search.

m11.05.2005 12:06
this one looks cool to me, or mayby i'm just different :P. You got 5/5 form me. I expect next one inside barrel...