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Added: 11.05.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: TroubledMind
Country: USA

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All of my computers in my room. There are six monitors hooked up to three computers plus I have two laptops. Then I also have two TVs that are hooked to cable and two different computers along with a 4 foot black light overhead

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Caffeineboy28.02.2008 04:33
Sure it looks impressive, but WTF would you need all those screens for?

..21.03.2007 22:01
Prkle ku sulake kosahtaa...:D

Lordi28.01.2007 16:37
SIIIIICK.... ...but nice ;)

-blinks-11.01.2007 19:31
If you think that is bad consider this.

I work at a hospital. I work primarily staring at monitors all day. This is small.

My 'department' uses 48 32inch wide CAD CRT monitors.

Some of us wear UV protective goggles if in that room for more than 12 minutes.

One member is known to sport a light lead jacket.

All the monitors were made circa 1992.

Its affectionately tagged the radiation sector.

hmm14.10.2006 20:52
you dont have a life? ;P

Pahvi14.04.2006 23:06
Gimme one!

Tha_Messiah23.02.2006 13:29
Nice computer, but where's your monitor ?

shadowwyvern02.11.2005 01:04
Save your eyes, dim some of those displays! It looks awesome though, I only have two CRTs and a laptop running at any given time!

agashka28.10.2005 00:14
Jesus... 2 CRT monitor heat as heck here.... now 10!! ***

jkk22.10.2005 00:46
looks nice... and chaotic! must hurt a lot in your head to look all those monitors at the same time! :)

smi10.07.2005 02:44
do you have some fetish maybe? :)

ZERO03.06.2005 05:29
i am actualy going to have a 6+ monitor setup soon. only problem is i still need 3 more monitors. the computers that are being hoocked up are all very high end. by that i mean that all are running at least 2.6 ghz or higher. i curently have a three monitor setup. setups like this are useful if you have mutiple servers and computers and do a lot of multi tasking. the setup would be nicer if you did something to the monitors to make them look 13373R.

jmpk16.05.2005 07:35
extreme man.i have only 2*17" +28" tv

TroubledMind16.05.2005 05:15
I don't know why I have all these monitors, people just keep giving me monitors and thier broken computers. I rarely run them all the time and have changed my setup since I have returned from college. I do like to multitask that is why one computer is setup for downloading torrents and surfing the net. The other is my gaming machine and I haven't decided what to do with the third (Maybe HTPC). It doesn't bother my eyes at all usually I leave my main montitor on, another monitor with torrent status and my TV on. The mountain dew sign is correctly up there. I have two both green ones which I painted with UV paint and a Code Red one which I painted. That is a dual 4 foot UV light behind it.

*anonymous*15.05.2005 09:12
one question. why?

Dr_x14.05.2005 21:01
not shure what someone would do on all of those!
power bill must be insane!
i wish i had all of my computers in 1 room like that! of course it would get very hot (my 3000+ dosent like hot)
sadly i have many more computers that all of that!

i own 16!!! (i have a knack for modding/reparing old computers!) and i have 1 tv card but useing some special software i can split the picture up for different monotors (over a network) it looks cool

btw ur eyes must get burned out of their sockets!!!

drinn13.05.2005 20:27
Too much monitors :D
How much is your electricity bill btw? :p

*anonymous*13.05.2005 18:26
not healthy to be in that room, also 4 monitors look strangely very simular

T-L-G12.05.2005 23:40
I like your huge fan

heh12.05.2005 21:30
Free advice: Sell all your tiny monitors and buy couple 21" ones!

Nado11.05.2005 20:42
n.e.r.d. :D

Dude11.05.2005 17:47
LoL !!! Monitor heaven! :D:D

wbl11.05.2005 17:33
isn't that a Mountain Dew sign on the sealing? :DD 5/5 for that

Olli11.05.2005 16:01
Multitasking suks because it impairs copmuter performance ;)

Nikolas11.05.2005 15:28
He propably uses DOS and haven't heard about multitasking handling OS yet.

flabs11.05.2005 15:22
no one needs all that...

DarthBender11.05.2005 15:21
hehu, multitask extreme

Olli11.05.2005 12:37

m11.05.2005 12:02
ok you freak :P. You get lot's of radiation hehehehe what about your eyes?? nevermind, that's not my problem. If you really use them all i guess you might think about some rearrangement

ello11.05.2005 11:24
and you need all this? not enough with only one comp. and one ore two monitors? what do you do on your comp. ?

R11.05.2005 10:57