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Added: 14.05.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: kwakbe
Country: Germany

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well,i got this compensating reservoir with over 10 liters volume (i think it is a nearly perfect build)builded of an plexitube and some plexiglaspieces.the thing is that there is a uptake and verry usefull the connections for my wattercool system under the compensating reservoir in the socket (to get the lowes point of the compensating reservoir) :)
...sory for my english but the babelfish isnt realy that good ;)


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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 52

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nine727.05.2005 21:49
Super cool, but dye would be even better. -k- is right about the lights too. Great work!

kwakbe21.05.2005 20:35
looks like a beer ;)

Adobe21.05.2005 00:14

-k-18.05.2005 03:08
This is some nice work. Try to light it up, it would make it really cool in dark.

N515.05.2005 23:49
yea, if you used another case then it's probably necessary :) my bad, i assumed you used the lanboy. best reservoir i've seen.

kwakbe15.05.2005 18:43
thx for your vote n5
...if you ever had a yesico air tower (cheap,cheap,cheap)
you noticed that the temp difference between the superlanboy and the airtower is about 8-12 C°...and the sys on the pictures was only a test for the watercooling system.

N515.05.2005 02:02
very nice, cleen reservoir, looks almost factory. Kinda pointless to have it in that case though, because it is one of the best for air cooling :P