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Added: 15.05.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: BoogeyMan
Country: USA

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this is my desk. the computer is a cyberpower. i've got an athlon 64 processor, 3 case fans, a blue cold cathode, and an ati radeon grahpics card, as well as a 17" flatscreen and 5.1 surround sound. and that's star wars iv: a new hope on the screen, and the case from the box set on the desk. on the left you can see my UberLamp, complete with Darth Vader action figure. (you can't really see him but trust me he's standing there on the lamp and he's angry)

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Rating: 2.41 - Votes: 22

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BoogeyMan04.08.2007 05:41
there is neon in it, but you just can't see it in the dark.

Loki27.07.2006 22:48
Kinda lame and if anything put some neon and take a dark picture of it

BoogeyMan12.08.2005 04:57
actually to tell all yall the truth, i'm not really happy with the yellow color, in the dark it looks a bit like pea green, which is nasty. i had hoped the case would look more like the keyboard's color.

oh and my favorite color is yellow, that's why i got it... O_o

CardentheCorrupt21.06.2005 22:01
Cyberpower does horrible colors on most of their rigs. I've seen an Aspire case in something close to Olive Drab/Forest Green, mixed with blue cold cathodes. Talk about vomit.

ZERO09.06.2005 05:34
reminds me of the following, A feista, Jamaca with nice computers, A underground bunker where a hacker lives out his days eating mexican food, a Bee, Spicy food, cheaze, the back room of a mexican cartell, the sun.

I see that the mouse pad matches the walls but to complete the fiesta look you need to paint your monitor red, and put that yellow wave design on it along with all other things that are currently silver. you should also get yellow chack for the chack board and replace led blue leds with green.

personaly i think the hold fiesta (long list of things this reminds me of) look makes the hole thing look terrable but aparently beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i mean sion sells cars right . . .

Budsmoker09.06.2005 00:41

Piikki02.06.2005 15:26
nice keyboard and mouse and pc..

*anonymous*27.05.2005 02:43
its gross... yuck!

Solid-Steve17.05.2005 20:40
I think yellow is a great color for a pc, and not for a car.
Nicely done, I like it.

*anonymous*17.05.2005 01:52
I kinda like it!

drinn15.05.2005 19:46
Agreed with anonymous

Yellow is not a color for PC, but maybe for a tuned car :)

*anonymous*15.05.2005 12:56
yellow isnt a nice color for a pc

Bump15.05.2005 12:36
Sorry but that's ugly. :/


SVD15.05.2005 10:55
next star wars idiot 2/5