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Added: 19.05.2005
Full Case
Owner: SL4Y3R
Country: India

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Hi ive done a black paint job on my case .ive put blue cathodes in my case and a red cathode under it.ive changed my whole front panel as it was old
fashion at stock.hope ull like it

AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Thermaltake Volcano 12 Extreme
1 GB PC 3200
256 MB XFX GeForce FX 5700LE
160 GB Samsung HDD
SONY DRU 720 A DVD Writer
SONY CRX 225 E CD Writer

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 25

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örgenstein05.08.2005 20:54
red rlzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

MaXiM12.07.2005 23:18
I like the NEon under your case , i think it could use another blue cathode in your case , bud i didnt like the front design because its flat , you should of kept the front 3d thing that is sticking out of the case but painted teh color around that . :) Good job 3/5

pranny30.05.2005 11:28
it's too cooooool

Adam20.05.2005 06:42
and another 60 GIGer i have in there too

Adam20.05.2005 06:41
this computer is so close to being exactly the same as mine, components-wise. Same everythign except for one of your SONY drives.

drinn19.05.2005 20:44
Don't like the colour in the monitor :/

However it's OK :) 3/5

*anonymous*19.05.2005 15:10
nice work! i would put red light inside to go with the orange, but nice design 5/5 for effort

*anonymous*19.05.2005 14:26
quite messy paintwork on the lower cd-rom, you know its real easy to take the plastic off and then paint- you dont eaven have to use any tools. but everything else seems ok