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Added: 20.05.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: zitex
Country: Russian Federation

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water filter reconstruction from great postnuclear-fallout

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Rating: 3.29 - Votes: 42

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roumor06.06.2005 13:50
woooooo coool man

*anonymous*28.05.2005 11:06
Last updating of filter u

cargocult27.05.2005 00:46
I really like your style, zitex. Fallout forever!


doc26.05.2005 11:29
nice, i love fallout, although making it more simular and getting rid of that ducktape would make it eaven better

*anonymous*25.05.2005 16:54
Many do not remember, the water filter from fallout (3 photos) This great game, has left more 7 years ago. But also now it is modern classics. And on searches of the water filter the kind half of game left. And the criticism in my address, about the modem and phone, is not clear to me. I nothing have not thought up itself, have simply realized virtual scenery. A fairy tale has made true
Last updating of the filter has been made.

Mr. Muffin25.05.2005 02:20
it looks like a 56k modem...
what were the parts u added and whats the other thing, it looks like a corded phone

sciatic24.05.2005 19:25
where's the filter

dcmodder24.05.2005 00:17
riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight shouldnt this be in the joke section?

Harakiri23.05.2005 15:24
Good idea, but what are you going to do with it?

N523.05.2005 10:42
matches your case, that's for sure.