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Added: 24.05.2005
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Owner: NoxoN
Country: Denmark

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So, me and a couple of friends bougth this guitar in the Czech Repuplic and decided to mod it a bit. I know that fur has been seen before, but I have never seen it like this..
We also added some stickers and our signatures..

So please rate :)

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 86

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RIIN18.07.2005 14:33
LoL nice!

Shiro11.07.2005 23:51
Only fur mod I've seen that I liked, great stuff.

*anonymous*03.06.2005 09:34
FUGLY! FURRY! It's a Cave man!

OTC02.06.2005 10:45
Just pain it red, and it will be leet :D 4/5

dave_beerman30.05.2005 13:00
The part of the guitar where the furr is doesnt really affect the guitars acoustics. The top is the part that creates the good sound. thats why there are lots of guitars where there is better wood on top, or even plastic on the sides and bottom part. I built an acoustic with only cherrywood on top and neck. The rest was only cheap wood. (i dont want to diss you. I dont expect ppl to know this kind of stuff :P )

Nice Idea. Must be great while performing :D

Shiro28.05.2005 09:15
Most fur mods suck, but I rather like this one.
Well done.

T-L-G26.05.2005 13:51
Made me LOL

*anonymous*25.05.2005 20:33

The sound is just like before..

Hyperkutina25.05.2005 16:34
Electric guitar I would have understood.. But acoustic? That is quite f00lish because furr can't be good for the acoustics of the guitar.

ZeuZ25.05.2005 16:11
Thats just stupid... hehe, i have seen furr being used on many things, but not å guitar! well... ist so stupid that its brilliant! good job! (or should i say good thinking!)

guitarockerk25.05.2005 04:15
must get a little sweaty there... :) 3/5