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Added: 25.05.2005
Single case mods
Owner: Reuben
Country: Finland

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Admin's comments/notes:
You cutted them yourself? More info could be nice.

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Rating: 3.37 - Votes: 41

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Hso23.03.2006 15:22
Nice idea, but it seems like those blue leds are too bright..
My suggestion -- cut those flame designs out of plexiglass, attach some bright red leds all over the back of it, and replace the blue-led fan with possibly yellow of orange :) but not too bright!

Firebird14.07.2005 13:50
Nice work! I really like those!

CardentheCorrupt21.06.2005 21:54
Gear face, making something different doesn't make it better. Adding a healthy supplement of vegetables doesn't make your shit any prettier.

ZERO21.06.2005 02:49
nice idea original but it realy does look like shit. the computer defently looked better befor you put them on. seing that your mod actualy made the computer look worse than it was i half to give it a one i mean it looks worse! it's like seing one of those shitty cars with a crappy spoiler that looks like shit and fake plastic spinners that are hubcaps i mean wtf it looks like shit. nice try thou but nexttime think of a way to put them on the computer without it looking so bad.

gear face20.06.2005 14:41
i think its cool because its a little different so there :P

BoogeyMan06.06.2005 06:32
it looks really stupid sticking out the back of the compy IMO... good job sutting them tho. 3/5

Reuben27.05.2005 13:08
yES.. I Cut them by myself, with dremel tools
now that panel image is yellow(tribal)
flames are made of steel

CardentheCorrupt26.05.2005 21:57
I imagine the case would look far better without the flames.
One of my main gripes is that you have that green front panel which looks nice, and then you put blue LED fans on the side. And to top off the blue lights, you put tacky metal flames that just scream "Look at me, unclassy attention whore." I advise removing the flames and finding some soft green lights. 2.5/5, because you did a good job cutting the flames (Assuming you cut them yourself.) They just don't belong.

*anonymous*26.05.2005 11:17
looks really nice, what are the flames made of?

Minš vain25.05.2005 22:26
tosi hyvin onnistunut, mutta mun mielest√§ toi toinen liekki joka menee ton kotelon yli ei oo hyv√§ koska se menee sen kotelon yli (tosi selkeesti sanottu xD) Mutta toi ensimm√§inen on siis √ľber hieno ja toi j√§lkimm√§inenkin saattaa olla hieno jonkun muun mielest√§. 3/5

Karvaperse25.05.2005 21:41
ihan siisti