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Added: 27.05.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: Alakala
Country: Finland

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Joo, eli Japalan usb-muistimodauksista tuli idea, sattuu toi Usb-bluetoothi hävii vähän väliä, ni miksei laiteta sille vähän isompaa "kuorta". Tennispallo nyt näky silmissä ja ei muutakaan ollut. :)

So, I got the idea from Japala's Usb-memorymodding, because my Usb-bluetooth keeps getting lost, so I thought that I could put a bigger "shell" for it. I saw the tennisball nearby and had nothing else, so why not? :)

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Rating: 2.62 - Votes: 21

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*anonymous*02.07.2005 10:05
^^ ? ULkonäkö.
Niinkuin velipoika tykkää hokea: "NAAMA!"

Alakala01.06.2005 10:25
Because I've got so many other USB-items, that I can't keep em all plugged in. Right now, I've got 1 empty, and I'm keeping it empty. The range loss doesn't matter, because only thing I use my Bluetooth which is my cellphone, and I can put it near it. (I don't have a datacable.)

N531.05.2005 04:41
duh. I read the description but it was late. still interesting but I would never do it to a bluetooth dongle, the range loss wouldn't be worth it. Why not just leave it plugged in?

Nightmare`29.05.2005 01:34
Kinda gay cuz im pretty sure that the bluetooth range would be affected.

Unliving28.05.2005 11:50 is a USB bluetooth not a USB flash drive

N528.05.2005 11:10
you can now train an animal like a dog to take it from one room to another. wireless data transfer.

moe28.05.2005 08:39
Originality man.
This is nice ;D