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Added: 30.05.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: Mr.TweakUp
Country: Denmark

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This is the first WaterCooler ever made in a buitybox/CD Case. Complete transportable and functional.

A small and fun project, that shows how you can make something serious, and still great looking.

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Rating: 3.15 - Votes: 65

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haavard24.02.2006 05:29
Smart =)

Ressu31.10.2005 17:11
It's cool, but ain't that a bit big? :P

*anonymous*28.08.2005 20:25
This is ingenious!

Raven03.06.2005 01:07
Do you have dimmensions for the box? trying to figure size comparision to pc etc..
Other than that its excellent.

Mr.TweakUp31.05.2005 12:08

You are correct, but this is the first revision. Im working on an upgraded version with 2 radiators and some light and some other stuff. But the idea was to show what the opertunity is here.


Stormeren31.05.2005 11:59
hehe Kim. So your Modd also found it's way to Metku

doc30.05.2005 21:16
very nice:)

Ratman30.05.2005 19:15
It sure is a great job, and very usefull like u said, and the look is awesome 4/5

Nado30.05.2005 17:04
next step is to include the complete computer ;) nice work at all.

taavi30.05.2005 15:47
Yep, thats beautiful!

dave_beerman30.05.2005 12:52
Great job!
Looks very professional. Allthough it couldnt have been done much better, lots of space is wasted.


greegreen30.05.2005 12:40
what's the price???? is so butifulll (im french excuse me for the vocabulary i m not very good in english