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Added: 30.05.2005
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here is my CD clock i just made. for the face i used a CD (obviously), the numbers are something out of a printer i think, i'm not sure, it says 'shineisha' on it. the minute hand is a resistor, and the hour hand is an LED. and i could'nt get the LED to light up, unfortunately, but it makes it look more geeky. anyways the stand is a heatsink and i used a protective clear CD from a pack of CD-R's to protect the hands.

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HandsomeDan16.03.2006 02:56
I would be very interested in a tutorial on this. Also, does anyone know where I could get the clock base from? Particularly one with a LARGE base... 'spindle' (Best word I could think of. The part that spins the hands... lol) Then you could hollow it out, and work a rotating power conductive idea through that, allowing independantly lit power ledsfor each hand. Maybe? It just seems like an idea, if something could simply 'contact' without necessarily connecting... If using a wall outlet for power, one wouldn't need to be concerned with any power loss, right?

Just an idea.

You'd want to make the same power split for the clock itself; and for the LEDs, but it would be an impressive time piece.

BoogeyMan01.10.2005 18:17
I'm working on getting the LED to light up right now- i'm trying to find some metal washers that are light enough to use as contacts.

G-force09.09.2005 21:06
Very cool. Here is an idea to improve on it; cut lines from the middle out to make a crazy design, then have the CD spin. The numbers could apear to 'float' if done right. The moving hands would be stationary to the CD spinning motor. Just an idea.

CoolkingZ26.07.2005 16:57
With two circle metalplates that is "connected" to the two connectors on the leds, you just send out 3 v in those and its solved...

zmodder18.07.2005 11:09
should of used a 3mm led for the min, and a resistor for sec, if applicable, and it be sweet if u could get those 2 to light up.

me03.06.2005 13:21
Put the electronics on the back of the hand.

BoogeyMan02.06.2005 01:27
lighting the LED would be extremely hard because it rotates... getting power to anything rotating is difficult, especially because there is all that clock mechanism stuff in the way. i'm open to suggestions, though. also sorry for the blurry pic. i never realized it was that bad.

wuaij02.06.2005 00:13
gotta make that LED light up! That had been tha b00mb

N531.05.2005 04:43
best one yet

T-L-G31.05.2005 03:34
4/5 - Beacause the LED does not light

kanker31.05.2005 01:20
very nice, now u need to make it have an alarm.. b00p b00p :D