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Added: 31.05.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: Disco_Stu
Country: Germany

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This is my N64 mod:
-I've painted the Case in silver
-I've added a new power led (blue)
-I've added some leds for an underground light and for an backlight for the controllerports
-I've added a new casebadge with a blue N64 logo and backlight
-I've removed the inner metal case
-I've added the heatsink and the fan of a GeForce 4ti
-I've added a new heatsink for the expansionpack
-I've added two switches for controlling the leds and the fan (@ the left side of the N64)
-I've overclocked it
-and I've added a s-video-mod ^^

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 330

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aznkhmerkid23.08.2010 02:10
wow nice nice great job. Love im gonna make mine look like urs lol

Hexadecimal07.09.2008 15:11
Excellent Mod, a real refreshing experience to see the good old N64 modded up nicely, has given me some ideas for my N64.


lordbababa11.07.2007 08:51
the colors are like the wii

Jo_B!l24.03.2007 17:46
nice Nintendo 64

i have pimp my n64 too

look on this link....

gemoddet by :Jo_B!l

*anonymous*04.03.2007 18:47

Banjofan113.02.2007 03:35
Very,VERY nice job on this! i only need to know one thing though... what type of paint did you use? I don't want to ruin my N64 with bad paint!

Marko05.11.2006 15:25
dude, were did u put the fan and whear did u find a 12V source for all this?

Smiley11.09.2006 00:51
Very Nice job!! One of the best-looking n64's that I've seen on the 'net; Its nice to see people modding something other than xbox's by doing older consoles.

Custom Nintendo24.07.2006 20:41
Hello this is to the maker of this system. I have a geocitie website that is about custom or modded systems.
Will you allow me to post pics of your n64 on my site and link them to yours?

Email Me

Venezuelanboy19.07.2006 21:27
you the man!!! sorry for my very bad english. congratulations amigo

WearDark23.06.2006 15:17
Yeah I've checked that out...

But I'm not good enough with electronics for that, for now I want to stick with painting it and the controller ports just will not come off the mainboard.

Disco_Stu23.06.2006 13:27
I´ve written a guide how to overclock it @

WearDark22.06.2006 17:35
Disco_Stu.. looks awesome..

What is the black cover over the expansionpak heatsink? where did you pick it up? Reminds of a hood scoop from a car.

Also, how did you manage to get the front Logo off the case? And how did you paint the controller ports? I can't seem to get mine off.

rick07.01.2006 08:31
fucking woot. i love it.

Disco_Stu17.06.2005 11:23
I've written it in a Tutorial @
It's in german, but you can translate it with google..
hope that helps you

JCDenton14.06.2005 11:59
Is there any LED guides of there or the N64 i just wanna know where to connect to...

BoogeyMan06.06.2005 15:29
that looks awesome. nice to see someone else is still modding older consoles! 5/5.

*anonymous*04.06.2005 21:51
great work with the 64

Harakiri01.06.2005 12:54
That's what I call cool. 5/5

Disco_Stu01.06.2005 10:25
Thank you for all your great comments!
I've got a tutorial for overclocking the N64 on our homepage "":
It's only in german, but I've found a translation of exactly my tutorial in english:
hope that helps you

N501.06.2005 06:32
I asked BoogeyMan for the guide when he posted his quake 64 mod:

slickness01.06.2005 06:10
OMFG!!! Thats the best thing i've ever seen in the world of modding! Not really the external looks, but how you overclocked the N64! BTW, how did you do that? And was the results noticable?
If you have a guide on it, please show me! 5/5

dcmodder01.06.2005 03:03
the sexiest N64 Ever! 5/5

N501.06.2005 00:51
that is some fine work. the cooling for the expansion pack I like the best, if you kept the lid on some games would lock up from heat.

DJ_KamBoosha01.06.2005 00:33
Simply, looks cool

cubbox01.06.2005 00:12
that is the nicest n64 i have ever seen, Great job!! :) 5/5

ZERO31.05.2005 21:59
how did you OC it

*anonymous*31.05.2005 20:33
thats got to be the nicest sexiest n64 mod i have ever seen!

flabs31.05.2005 18:23
das ist sexy! :D eiku joo tosi upee...

Junton9031.05.2005 18:06
das ist gut... toi on hieno... that is good one... ;) :P