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Added: 03.06.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: DeLLyCeM
Country: Turkey

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This is a lapcool I have made for my notebook. It cools down the cpu and hdd. It has my own dc motor controller board and fanbus on it so you can tune rpm of the fans. made from plexiglass with my own hands. Neons were for my casemod but used them here seems beautiful doesnt it?My MSN is

Admin's comments/notes:
hmm... where do you rest your wrists when you are writing? Looks nice but I'm not that sure that adding more fans than two or three makes any real difference to the performance. Does it?

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Rating: 3.28 - Votes: 82

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dj_miki11.08.2006 18:14
litle more holes for air... 4

Wolf_modius07.06.2006 18:18
wow that looks great I need a fan cooler for my laptop cus mine keeps heating up, I only need one fan for the battery tho 5/5

TP13.03.2006 20:46
Idea sucks, but it looks good and is well done. The result is smooth and nice. 4.

puliukk016.01.2006 21:49
iha siisti :P

seruius02.11.2005 05:06
dude i would say that was overkill if it wasn't so sweet =D

Cannrobe09.08.2005 05:49
I bet your laptop floats :P

climber0730.06.2005 08:04
Cool! No pun intended. That's just plain cool! Good Job

KK2K321.06.2005 14:17
Love it, its very creative :)

Niga18.06.2005 15:21
Thats very very innovative!

Interlaced04.06.2005 15:48
That is nice work, me like. I wouldnt mind making one of similar design except placing motherboard (computer parts etc) inside of it.

Marmattaja04.06.2005 11:40
Onko tämä jokin ilmatyyny alus läppärille? Eli läppäri leijuu tuon sydemin päällä?

noo vitsi vitsi! Ihan siistihän tuo on

DeLLyCeM04.06.2005 00:22
yes 6 fans makes difference 2 on the right placed under the cpu hole. Middle 2 flows to the hdd and 2 in the right cools down the rams for my notebook am talking about.

Vick03.06.2005 21:38
great job on the case! only one question - why is it so big? i've seen ones that are a lot smaller than yours, but definately not as cool!

Nado03.06.2005 18:32
you did that with your hands? i prefer to use my dremel ;) looks pretty cool, but maybe add something for your wrists

DJ_KamBoosha03.06.2005 13:51
looks cool, 6 fans, i think that should provide enough cooling ....

anyway, i wanna ask u few questions about plexiglass, so i'll add u to my contact list