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Added: 03.06.2005
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: Piikki
Country: Finland

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mu jopo.. menee täysii.. ;-)
väri oli ennen:
-yrjön vihreää :/
väri nyt :
-metallin hohtoinen punanen
selkänoja päällinen on mustaa karvakangasta..
onhan siihenkin pyörään mennyt rahaa jo jonkin verran.. sori toi kuva o vähä tärähtäny.. (ite en oo ottanu sitä)

Admin's comments/notes:
Basic "JOPO" bike modded with metallic red paint and silver. Added a back rest behind the seat pan.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 37

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Valin12.09.2005 07:53
That bike is Awsome

{Xytec what's wrong with being Canadian}

Canada is awsome Eh.

Atteezioso12.07.2005 19:20

Pyre30.06.2005 21:44
Do ya think that we dont know that Xen0n?

"Freaking american education system. Screwing up their own future, they are."

What are we to do about it?

Xen0n29.06.2005 15:08
You are a freaking retard. Have you ever seen one of those gaurds in Canada? No. Of course you haven't, because you didn't pay attention in social studies. The gaurds that wear those hats are infact, from England and only one part of England. Find out where and you get a cookie!

Freaking american education system. Screwing up their own future, they are.

ZERO20.06.2005 04:09
looks like someone put a feather duster on a bike (perhaps to cleen the air)

xytec20.06.2005 02:17
that looks like a offense.

Rambooow06.06.2005 21:09
nice bike

BoogeyMan06.06.2005 04:58
whoa, we're allowed to post bikes up here? i'll have to post my chopper then!

drinn06.06.2005 01:17
Nice one :D