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Added: 05.06.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: JoeL^
Country: Sweden

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Well, this is where i play PCW's all night long.
Haven't modded it yet, don't think that will happen either ^^
The wallpaper is a pic of Rachel Bilson (aKa Summer in OC)

Well, as you can see this beuty is wearing a Chieftec Dragon.
I have a P4 processor that i running in 3ghz at the moment (2,6ghz original)
1024Mb RAM (Splitted, 4x 256Mb)
Gigabit LAN, of course. Together with my gigabit router these 2 makes perfect @ my LAN parties.
And i play CounterStrike 1.6 together with a 9600Pro (100fps steady).
The perfect glide with a Mx510, Steelpad S&S and SteelSkatez.

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Rating: 2.96 - Votes: 23

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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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Xcel17.06.2005 11:57
VERY plain and boring.

"were looking at the office and desk not the computer."

The computer compliments the desk and is sitting on the desk, therefore including it.

ZERO17.06.2005 05:31
he does not need a rome madeout of leds were looking at the office and desk not the computer. looks very simplestic but fuxinal. the coler of the case blends well with the desk at least i am assuming that is why he got it in that color. but it could use some more personality. mine for example has many poster coloshes ect that give it personality.

CardentheCorrupt17.06.2005 03:42
"u need some lights omg."
Not everything needs a cold cathode or ultra bright LEDs.
Alot of things look better when they're simplified, such as this desk. It's a white wooden desk, and you demand he have some bright blue offset? Do you people strive to make things look tacky?

drinn16.06.2005 01:46
You have same pad, but wrong mouse :/

N506.06.2005 21:09
needs more personality

DJ_KamBoosha06.06.2005 05:23
Too simple, what about adding a couple of good speakers around u, also suggest move ur disk to be besiade a windows (to look @, in case u got bored with ur monitor) & finally some lights

Ratman05.06.2005 22:57
Very clean, and very simple, nothing special about this desk..