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Added: 06.06.2005
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Owner: BoogeyMan
Country: USA

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this was a simple but cool nightlight thing. i filled an old Mountain Dew bottle with water and stuck in an LED and 2 button cells (same setup as i used on my Darth Vader mod) originally it was in the cap but it fell off and landed in the bottom (surprisingly the water did not short it out!) i had to use a long exposure photo because it was not showing up on my camera but beleive me you can see the glow in real life. it is not quite as bright as it is in the picture but it glows quite nicely. i might get a super bright LED in the future.

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Gigamike19.06.2005 20:32
OMG! yuo've ov3rcl0xXord teh mountain dEwz0r!1!!11
This mod i$ teh uber-pwnz!!!1!1

Leaf18.06.2005 02:19

BoogeyMan08.06.2005 01:41
okay, now i installed the LEDs so they're on the outside and i hot glued them into little holes. also now it is attatched to a transformer and it plugs into the wall so no more dead batteries.

BoogeyMan06.06.2005 15:33
really? that would be cool, because my battery just died. those button cells don't last very long. :(

revizor06.06.2005 13:47
Fill it with sugar. Put a cathode and anode in the bottle and connect them to the leds. Use different metals on the cathode than on the anode and it will light up. Refill when the leds dont work anymore. no need of battery