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Added: 29.06.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: guitarockerk
Country: USA

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this is my Vu-meter... it took me month to make(working on and off, but mostly off)...

it doesn't look as good as i imagined, but I'm satisfied with it...

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Rating: 3.29 - Votes: 28

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smasH04.01.2007 23:51
2 lazychris2000 : thous led`s show muzic intensive:D (muzic play on winamp ant led`s blining)yes it can be blue leds. it call`s UV Meter

lazychris200006.02.2006 23:35
i dont know what it is, but i want one! Does it come in blue?

Bama30.01.2006 05:55
not to sound like a newb, but what exactly does the Vu meter meter?

Player221.11.2005 00:20
Making something like this is quite easy.
Get the Printer Port "Thingy" here:

And use your creativity for the plexy..
Anyway, thats cool, nice job

PS: You can build something more complex here:
This thing runs from a serial port and can have up to 265 LEDS!

seruius02.11.2005 05:05

that owns. i want one. 5/5/5/5

flare01.10.2005 18:02
oh thats cool man!

you got a tut to that thing?

guitarockerk02.07.2005 02:12
i tryed to do that and it was in my original design but every time i tryed the plexi broke, so i gave up on it...

dave_beerman01.07.2005 11:54
Good work!

Heat up a piece of plexi and bend it so you can put it infront of the LEDs. Then sandpaper the front so its not completely transparent.