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Added: 30.06.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: ZeuZ
Country: Norway
WWW: http://-

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My lovely Desk.. My amplifier is behind the monitor, and the monitor is held up by my 5 disc cd-changer. Monitor and mousepad has a wood-finish.

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Rating: 2.89 - Votes: 19

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def28.10.2005 06:36
I think I hear Pantera comin!

Karvaprese03.08.2005 19:10
Man, speakers so close to each other make terrible mono scene, place em 1,8m away from each other and u see big difference STEREO.

sciatic16.07.2005 14:22
I think you overdid the audiosystem.

Ratman02.07.2005 15:05
I agree with u in that case, but it is still very bad for your monitor if they have such a good Bass sound ass u say, but i like it anyway ;)

ZeuZ02.07.2005 00:05
Thanx for feedback... but, in my defense:

- the speakers makes a lot of bass sound, and my dad sleeps alot in the middle of the day because of work, so the dont vibrate that mutch when they are up there...

- and about the legspace: there is plenty, maybe the pics show less... i dont know...

- amplifier doesnt affect my monitor, because it is a LCD(hard to see in pics)

- space on the desk: i dont need it, less space, less place to put my mess... :-P

- And my case isnt in an akward posission, if you see the post for it ( ), you can see that its built for this spot.

There... Hope that sorted it out...


Ratman01.07.2005 12:36
Maybe u have to put the speakers on the ground.. Not much space on that desk, and the amplifier behind the monitor??? Thats realy bad for the monitor! if i were u i would put it anywhere else...But the stuff u have look nice, just need to change some things there :P

Nado01.07.2005 12:33
holy crap, please get a bigger desk! either your legs were short since your birth or they are now ;) those speakers deserve their own places in your room and the case should be turned around. why don't you place it at the side?

Xcel01.07.2005 06:59
The case is in an awkward position and there is not much leg room. Also, the desk is too small for my liking.