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Added: 14.07.2005
Full Case
Owner: dragon
Country: Belgium

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First of al I would like to say sorry for my bad english... hope you understand what i mean :

I was tired of my other case ( you can watch it [url=]here[/url] so I came to idee for making my own case.

So eventually that's what I did i created one ,I first drawd out how he would(not that, that helpted ) and then went out for my material , so I went out for wood indeed you read it my case is build from wood what kind of would you could ask wel its made of multi plex wood don't know if you understan it but that's how it is called.

Every thing on it is original there is nothing out of an other case transmitted it al custum build as you can see my drives ar stealted one side is worked with cutout of ofcourse dragons and the other side it has been sprayed on to.

for more pictures you can scheck my website

and question wel just ask greets dragon

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 133

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Lord Weifaren16.04.2006 06:38
Sweet case... luv the blk and white sides.

SWeed04.01.2006 17:56
yeah. i like this

Zoig04.08.2005 19:40
everything, is very nicely built (y),
however the only thing that bothers me, is an terrible waste of space inside the case

but in total, it's still very nice ;)

chiwafke22.07.2005 14:32
hi dimi mooie mod


_Hz20.07.2005 20:03
That is So fucking COOOOOL!!!!!!!!! 5/5

Skoper17.07.2005 19:31
Nice, and very big :D

*anonymous*16.07.2005 01:07
very very nice 5/5

dragon15.07.2005 19:19
well I did use some led in it if you woul take at this picture : and this one : you can see I haved used leds they are used for bringing up the signs (the one is chinees and the other japanees) and JALLU you say maybe cathodes well there are ccfl's (cathodes) inside the "box" look at all the pictures and not jsut the for off them !
see this site for all of them :

greets dragon

jallu15.07.2005 17:00
Hi! Add some leds or maby cathodes inside the box. Red dragons... grrr....

FRZ15.07.2005 16:23
yeah, multiplex is the dutch/belgian word for plywood

nice looking case dragon, i love the dragon cut outs

a neigbour north of the border ;)

dragon15.07.2005 14:03
as i said with uss its calded multiplex its wood that exists from small layers an become together one plate of wood like that hehe
grets dragon

N515.07.2005 05:20
99% sure he means plywood jallu

a very wild custom case. nicely done

Perttula14.07.2005 23:43

jallu14.07.2005 23:21
Nice! I have always loved dragons! Im not sure what do you mean with "multi plex wood". Are you sure you didn't mean plywood?