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Added: 15.07.2005
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: Unliving
Country: Romania

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This is my pro mountain bike.... The pics are kinda bad cuz it was pitch black in that night and I only had my cellphone to take pics.
I used the homemade led array light shown here:
I also made a front light sistem with a 3 way switch.. it has 3 leds( 1 led in the center wich is kinda powerfull...I use it so people can see me in the dark and 2 leds on the sides of the first leds wich I use them as tuner lights...VERY POWERFULL. :)
All of this are controlled by a control box wich I made :D and its power is provided by a 3.7 volt battery. and thats about all :D. Keep riding hard and peace out!!

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DJ WeB05.01.2006 01:04
PS: I'm from Romania 2 (Ploiesti mai exact :p)

DJ WeB05.01.2006 01:02
Unliving, can you tell me you position in Romania `cuz itz big man... (modding makes me crazy :p) u can find me on Y! messenger at id: dijeiweb hope 2 write me soon :)

unliving06.12.2005 23:41
lol...tnx for you`re support highteckgirl7... to all ya least i get my ass off my chair and do some sports.... not that i like bike`s that a skater so im verry keen on extreme sports

hightechgirl729.10.2005 23:53
stop talking about unliving! He is an AWESOME guy. :D Your bike rocks! ;)

Mad gamer19.09.2005 19:33
Boredom is deadly !

*anonymous*24.07.2005 02:27
LoL poor omg has to go back to school to read... If you noticed that unliving is from Romania you shouldn'tr have posted in the first place. Btw awesome work on the bike; my nephew wants something like that for his bike.

serhan19.07.2005 17:04
Nicely done mate ! good job

Unliving17.07.2005 14:32
yeah but it seems OMG doesnt know

kuppazki17.07.2005 10:46
there are schools for that purpose (learn how to read)

Unliving16.07.2005 22:48
soo OMG im not American, Im a 14 yr old romanian kid so I like to tune up my bike...I dont see any problem in that.
Besides i do like to read.. If I didnt know how 2 read then how could I read electronics books or smth so you are just talking nonsence...btw "teach your children to READ" ---I dont got any

OMG15.07.2005 22:51
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???? Its funny how americans are doin up their bikes.. i mean.. cmon now.. teach your children to READ for christ sake, dont waste money on bikes.. go figure.. *sigh*