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Added: 27.07.2005
Owner: BEan
Country: USA

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Its been a while since my last mod. Here is my latest. A week ago my usb mic (as seen in the gallery) was busted by my dog, the only thing i can find is a mic that has been stripped down to the bare essentials (no hard plastic cover). So I decieded to drill a hole into my keyboard and wire up a switch. It works perfectly and everyone on counter-strike can hear me clear as a bell.

I appologize for the semi-crappy pics.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 2.5 - Votes: 26

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pixeliris04.05.2006 16:45
way cool! is this patented? be careful of posting your ideas in public, someone else can make money out of this!

j18714.03.2006 01:22
all relevant issues from people, but an interesting mod i havent seen before. 5/5 for concept

_65536_kb_sec_24.09.2005 23:46
not so bad but u could have done it with only two very small holes and put the microphone under them
that would look like a real microphone in the kbd

G-force22.09.2005 09:18
Nice, but needs some bling.

rob31.08.2005 07:17
you hold a button to talk, he wouldnt have that problem. plus if hes talking, he doesnt have to type. The only thing they would here was him slaming the mouse when he dies. The WASD keys are really quite on my board.

dcmodder01.08.2005 01:29
i would have put it in the monitor myself. i'm sure you had good intentions with this mod but you had one of those "oops, didnt think of that" kind of mods.

*anonymous*27.07.2005 16:55
Yeah dont the clicks in the keys disrupt the sound. Or the vibrations of the keys.

*anonymous*27.07.2005 16:17
And now everyone can hear your typing very loud?