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Added: 31.07.2005
Full Case
Owner: drinn
Country: Finland

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Here's my newest case mod which I made from the wood.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.07 - Votes: 41

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Phantom09.02.2006 22:56
Where are the fishes?
It's still a nice table:)

eunderu18.10.2005 10:48
boring...not much going on...

*anonymous*01.08.2005 18:59
Ota valot pois! sitten on hyvä...tai jätä korkeentaan toi sininen valo

Jipa01.08.2005 18:16
That's kinda cool but I still think there's too many and wrong-colored lights ;) Nice work tho, atleast it's "Painted" unlike one wooden case I happened to saw in Assembly..

drinn01.08.2005 15:57
I had little hurry to make this case 'cause I wanted to participate into Assembly 2005 Coolest Case competition so the front panel & back side needs little more moddin'

But thanks for voting & comments!

N501.08.2005 04:27
reminds me of the type of display cases you see in a museum. you should put something in the front and make it a display case. I like it.

*anonymous*01.08.2005 03:25
Why so much emty space?