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Added: 03.08.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: ovrboostVR4
Country: USA

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This is my xbox controller hub I bought a usb hub and soldered the xbox controller ports to the usb ports so that when your not using the controller ports you can use the usb ports. You can play games with four xbox controllers at one time and only take up one usb port. i know it looks like crap with all of the black tape but it looks better with that tape instead of all the wires hanging out if anyone has any ideas tell me. Im only 14 and dont have much money so all of my mods are cheap this one was only $10.00 US money.

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Rating: 3.28 - Votes: 18

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Xboxtwicher21.05.2006 01:22
This is so cool if you would please tell me wither or not your going to sell this becuase if you do I would like to buy it from you so if you would please send me a shout out at

Darth Z13.05.2006 18:15
If you were older, I'd agree with roronoa. However, if you were only 14 when you did this, I'm pretty impressed. You've got a lot of potential!

1x3220.08.2005 14:11
Elmukelmua päälle ni o kolee

roronoa10.08.2005 19:59
Wilz: Luettelit juuri amiskorollan korjausvälineet:D. Dude i dont like that tape. its a small case for it of plastic.

Wilz04.08.2005 14:31
Jeesusteippi, kuumaliima, nippusiteet, rautalanka, ja metallikitti kaiken korjaa... =)

Saavik03.08.2005 17:54
All problems can be solved with careful application of plastique. Or sometimes, with duct tape :P

Mindless03.08.2005 10:07
haha i like the tape... tape can solve everything :)