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Added: 07.08.2005
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Owner: Adam
Country: USA

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well i've been working on this one for a while. it's taken me about t omonth to get all the parts just right and get everything lined up just how i like it...and i DO liek it.

i put in 4 blue LEDs in the driver-side foot well, and corresponding button to the left of the steering wheel just to the right of the green cruise control button, i put in 2 LEDs just above the cup holders that are always on, i wrapped the shift boot with orange/red EL matches my instruments like perfectly, and has a switch in the middle just below the cup does the passenger side light setup. In the passenger side foot well i have 2 blue LEDs the car lights up better in life than the pic b/c the pic isn't from the same angle as where you sit. But i am actually proud of myself for this one.

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Adam23.02.2006 03:33
I actually HAVE been saving money to buy engine parts for my car, but then i realized that there is almost no point to try and make a civic fast. It starts out slow and unless you dump almost as much money into as it cost to buy..then it won't improve that much. I also did not get the look from a ricer movie, be more specific, and i also didn't spend any money on the parts..had them all already. Don't insult my car, b/c you don't like it. I don't like it that much either, i just try to make it more likeable.

RiceHater15.02.2006 22:32
That is horrible, I bet you got the idea from that ricer movie. Stop spending your money on looks and get a K20 and boost it. Then it will be a decent Honda

honda civic -9104.01.2006 22:22
5/5 becouse hondas rules!

adam20.08.2005 20:32
yeah i was thinking abuot putting some red LEDs in the outside AC vents, but i don't know..maybe someday when i have nothing to do.

Bugi18.08.2005 15:35
Yeah I would like to show you my car but unfortumately I still don't have one!

VampNslayer17.08.2005 02:12
Put some in the heat vents , also look for some EL wire in the same color and go along some edges or somthing. Nothing like sprucing up the same old ride. Pimp it up !

Adam11.08.2005 09:25
i wasn't going for over-the-top here, bugi...i may add some lights under my seats to project into the back seats, but it's a coupe and not many people see the back seat. it looks more elegant than anything like....I WANT TO MAKE MY CAR CRAZY AS HELL!!!!!!!!! i don't. i just want it just the way it is

Adobe10.08.2005 19:51
iwas thinking aboutdoing the same thing with my car

DI09.08.2005 17:08
In Finland we have those lower class people, called amis.. :P

Darth_tater08.08.2005 18:12
pretty 5/5
*runs out to car with leds*

flabs08.08.2005 16:14
yeah really amis... :P

drinn08.08.2005 13:11
Nice job :) That's little different to see here tuned cars

TommiTunaaja, He is from USA so he dont understand finnish so well :D

TommiTuunaaja08.08.2005 12:42
olisit laittanu nuo leditki punasii...

kg08.08.2005 10:27
yeah, nice work but thinking same with Bugi. Amatööri amis.

msb08.08.2005 02:17
It's called amis ;>

Zo08.08.2005 00:16
But bugi, show us your car. ;)

Bugi07.08.2005 23:50
Nothing new, I've seen many better works in car, this is like good start but nothing to be proud!
2 points!

vergilius07.08.2005 23:42
beatuifuh laint !