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Added: 08.08.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: mustonen
Country: Finland

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Me and my friend thought that his Xbox looked kinda dull, so we decided to paint the lid and the front panel partially silver.And this is what we came up with..

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Rating: 3.22 - Votes: 23

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HandsomeDan20.03.2006 20:16
I really like this, great design. Simple and professional; yet clearly customized. I really like this one, similar to what I'm prepping on mine. 5/5 for style.

*anonymous*10.08.2005 06:21
he might have been suggesting a powerful white LED(anything else would look tacky on the green jewel)

clean paint job on the mod, looks good and simple

*anonymous*10.08.2005 05:47

''maybe a white powerled''

whats wrong with you white power this and white power that black people mod too :P

the xbox locks great with the x and all(I am not an xbox fan) add leds

Altec09.08.2005 02:05
Thats really cool, i like how its silver and not ghetto chrome lol.

moe08.08.2005 17:50
Good start, but needs more work.
Like clear bevel and maybe a white powerled or something :)