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Added: 12.08.2005
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: guitarockerk
Country: USA

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k, my guitar amp has this plug that you can plug a switch into to switch between channels(clean and distortion) so this is the switch i made... works well took like 5 minutes to make...

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Wolf_modius04.11.2006 13:47
to huh? : you do know this is a modding site rite?

Invisible Kid18.12.2005 09:09
I prefer to use my yamaha foot switch...and i didnt pay too much for handles lots of pressure i can jump on it...oh and i modded it....i added some velcro on the bottom part so it can stick to the rug in my house

guitarockerk10.09.2005 18:40
k... it's basicly a push-on push-off switch wired to a mono 1/4th jack... really simple...

Orbital31.08.2005 00:45
Thats some good sh*t! oo man i gotta make one of them, do u think u can tell us how in a brief explanation, how u made it, cheers.

Mitsukai16.08.2005 13:41
A standard switch...any store has it...!!but probably spent no money doing it(and we both are guitar players and both know that in a store you would pay a lot from a simple thing like that)!!so, it's a nice job!!gave it 5/5!!

*anonymous*13.08.2005 05:09
Hey could you send me an email and tell me what you use to make that with?


guitarockerk13.08.2005 01:34
ya suprisingly it does handle pressure, i can't jump on it but i can still use it...

equilerex13.08.2005 00:50
how does it handle pressure? i mean you step on it with your foot