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Added: 14.08.2005
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Owner: mustonen
Country: Finland

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I was cleaning my room and found an old metal clock.
It didn't hold the clock itself in it, so I decided to change into a cooler.

I drilled holes to the lid for air intake and glued a chipset cooler to the plastic circle which is attached to the lid.
I also put 2 5mm yellow LEDs to lighten the thing up.

Power comes from a 10V cellphone charger.

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Comicz_Russia_18.06.2006 15:31
...Batteries not included :))

Slam04.09.2005 16:17
Hieno toteutus, mut kansien väriä ois voinu muuttaa hieman...

joukahainen24.08.2005 13:40
Toi mikä näkyy ekassa kuvassa logo on wmdatan logo...

Rambooow16.08.2005 13:48
cool, I`m gonna make one to (-:

Mitsukai16.08.2005 13:35
Good idea!!I needed something like that!!....People dont understand that...some wires...cant be hidden!!if you covered them with would probably have no space in the box to close it with the fan inside!!Dont bother them!!Nice work!!

DARTH_TATER15.08.2005 03:09

Bugi15.08.2005 00:21
Good idea but very ugly job!

moe14.08.2005 23:10
Do something to the wiremess :P
Other than that: nice. Great idea.

MaXiM14.08.2005 22:43
Nice ! , aslong as it acually cools good , great little case !