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Added: 15.08.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: tc
Country: Canada

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spray painted the case white, and painted the dvd drive and rear fan grill with baby blue acrylic paint

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Rating: 3 - Votes: 34

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miggi28.11.2006 22:07
blue r0cks. 4/5

zatan30.06.2006 11:42
pas2 360???

Wilz29.10.2005 21:57
Aikas torkee mielestäni...
That's ugly i think...

Nightmare09.09.2005 11:35
Nice choice of colors ya got there


KiLLa22.08.2005 07:09
Sick mod my friend, as soon as i saw it, i modded my 2 ps2s similar to your style, the lonly diffrence is instead of the chunk of blue that clashes with the rest, i put baby blue highlights....i owe it all to you though!
Good job TC, and i cant wait to seee you mod your other ps2, your xbox, your dreamcast, your n64, and of course your sega genissis!

tc22.08.2005 05:07
thnx guys, i agree, i thought the baby blue would look nice when i first started, but after completing it, i admit that's it doesn't really go nice with the black and white. I'll prob just repaint the fan grill and dvd drive back to black or white. And i didnt take off the ps logo btw, Zangetsu, just painted around

N517.08.2005 04:36
Gotta love a white ps2. not a fan of the blue, but fairly nice

Zangetsu16.08.2005 20:39
did you have to take of the playstation logo of the dvd drive?
nice one though. im not gonna do it, because im happy with my satin silver one :P

moe16.08.2005 14:56
Finnish-flag colours o/

seal.broken16.08.2005 13:34
yes the blue cause the white and black are looking goood but the blue make it look sh1ty

but then agien I can talk cause my fan grill is yellow with red(simulates blood) on a original black ps2

Mitsukai16.08.2005 13:14
Good mod!!Good colors!!Very good paint job!congrats!!

MaXiM15.08.2005 07:55
finnaly another ps2 mod , im tired of the xbox ones , i dont like the color combo tho change the blu

dcmodder15.08.2005 07:37
i think the word for this mod is "unique" not my cup of tea on the colors but it looks okay