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Added: 19.08.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: Stormeren
Country: Denmark

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This is a case cooler that use place in the buttom of your case, and it will help cooling fx a passive cooled graphics card, or just helping circulate the air insite the case.

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Rating: 3.03 - Votes: 33

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Smok19.09.2005 03:29
Nice design, look like arts to me.

.::pb::.08.09.2005 00:38
i agree with the others.. nice plexi work! damn nice!! 4/5

Adam30.08.2005 17:57
very nice plexi work, what do you heat yours up with

Mitsukai22.08.2005 16:09
nice idea but I would use it as another purpose!!if it was silent and a 120mm fan...i would put it in front of me...blowing some air on the hottest days like maxim said!!

Darth_tater20.08.2005 07:50
nice 2000000/10

MaXiM19.08.2005 20:19
i would put those infront of my face

Happless19.08.2005 10:00
Nice bit of plexi work. Had a similar setup at one stage for a passive cooled gfx card