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Added: 28.08.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: _KaMiK_
Country: Poland

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This is my small-mod, my sister graphics card haved high temperature, so i do spire cooler 80x80 and screw him to the pci slot. i think is very beautifull and practic mod.
Sory from my english :E

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 633

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PaMiX27.05.2007 19:10
interecting idea,there is same thing from Ventec
lool here
But it's cost about 20$

*anonymous*06.09.2006 17:17
Not HAVED, but HAD ;)

OviDiuS15.10.2005 00:27
Nice dude =) its a easy and a nice mod good jobb =)

Mitsukai29.08.2005 12:41
Nice of you to help your sister!!hehehe!!

Good idea too...but...not much airflow space aint it??does it work??I mean...did the temperature decreased?still...good Idea!!

_KaMiK_28.08.2005 21:39
Big THX ******* to help me =D

Name28.08.2005 19:00
This is my small mod: my sister graphics cards had high temperature, so I took a spire cooler 80x80 and attached it to the pci slot. I think it is a very beautiful and practical mod.
Sorry for my English... :E"

-Just trying to be helpful...