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Added: 31.08.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: dcmodder
Country: USA

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well one day i got bored of my huge ghetto home made dreamcast arcade controller. so i re made it and i think it came out great! o and all of the holes for the buttons etc were made by pounding a small screw driver into the wood about 20 times for every hole. and on the back where the vmu holder is was chizeled out by hand. my first attempt split the wood but i restarted and this is how it came out. as of right now i only have one vmu slot.

More pics on my website.

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Rating: 2.73 - Votes: 30

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pumkinheads31.01.2006 02:48
are u stupid u pounded the holes wit a screw driver

Hso10.10.2005 16:48
Interesting, we need more Dreamcast mods on here! Revive the DC!!

*anonymous*03.09.2005 17:38
why with all that space you put the bottons so close?

nice first attempt can wait for v.1.5

Mitsukai02.09.2005 13:55
Ugly stuff!!!!hate it!!

*anonymous*02.09.2005 11:25
I'd suggest finishig off the joystick with a plastic disk like arcades do, know what I'm talkig about?
Picture quality sucks but that thing looks pretty cool.
Nice work.