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Added: 31.08.2005
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: ZeuZ
Country: Norway

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My Modded RC car..
Used to be a Petter Solberg Car, but i removed the decals, and gave it a new paintjob, gave the ugly gold rims a cream spray, and dropped it... also added an exhaust...
PS! most pics are before i dropped it...
(it cant turn when it is this low...)

On the last pic i included my dropped lambo RC and my Nitro Truck. The Truck is under work... (LED headlights painted details,+++)

Peace!! :-P

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Rating: 2.65 - Votes: 26

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*anonymous*05.12.2007 12:33
Nice mod - carry on and have fun!

Calmaar07.11.2005 21:26

pepe romono04.10.2005 18:21
i think the propper term is ricing not tuning in this case considering all the mods are external ones. nice lowering.

sukkajukka14.09.2005 14:13
Jouset poikki ja ilman iskareita? xDDD

gilliam13.09.2005 04:43
drop cars are lol, raise it up a bit.
can it turn on a dime?

Bugi01.09.2005 23:39
To delucard:
Stiling you stupid!

delucard01.09.2005 20:45

ZeuZ01.09.2005 15:06
I Added LED Ligths to the rally car today, ill uppload pics when the truck is finished...

Mitsukai01.09.2005 01:23
Good tuning!!