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Added: 08.09.2005
Full Case
Owner: Rambooow
Country: Netherlands

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This is my first mod.
I painted it blue and made a big hole on the rightside for a some plastic glass :p. And some ccfl`s. And add some fans.

The specs are
p4 2.4 ghz
geforce4 mx 440 (64 mb)
256+ 512 mb ram
CoolerMaster RealPower 450 watt
soundblaster 5.1 live

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Rating: 2.67 - Votes: 51

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Alexander25.05.2006 23:08
Nice pc, You don't paint the front orange.. paint it the same collor: blue.

I see you later.

SteveHarris12.09.2005 16:00
the hardware is pretty much the same as in my own
mine: intel pentium 4 2.4ghz northwood
geforce 4 mx440,soundblaster PCI,
200GB+30GB maxtors

but your case is much nicer

Rambooow11.09.2005 20:55
Jeah, I agree with Six, I am saving some money for a Gforce 6600GT 128 mb. I am a poor student )-:.
And I`m gonna paint the front orange. (so nobody have to complain over the stupid stickers (-:)

Six10.09.2005 11:19
well i agree with the side panel its nicely done but thats the only thing i would have to say that i like and the lighting isnt to bad for a first try either its actually pretty nice just those fans

Happless10.09.2005 08:59
Jeepers...what bugs in you ppls asses?

Give Rambooow a break. Its their first mod, and ok, the 2 fans are a bit much, but that aside, that side panel is very well executed.

Good work on a 1st mod

watup10.09.2005 07:59
the case is pretty nice man likethe work uve doen and that isnt the greatest video card but it all depends on what games you play. i have a comp im in the process of modding a comp for the first time. i thoguht it would be easier but using outer power supply helps i have 6 fans all painted different colours one running off a 120 volt serperate plug. I NO ONE THINK AND THAT IS U HAVE UR FANS PLACED rong u wnat 2 fans pusing in and either 1 big fan pushing out or 2 little fans otha then that it isnt that bad and get those ugly stickas off just ruins ur good work

Joe10.09.2005 02:00

Six10.09.2005 01:26
kinda pisses me off that you shoved stickers on it but mitsukai already stole that from my brain, and i can't help but laugh at the fact that you have a P4 2.4ghz processor and a really old video card...seriously go on a site and buy a new one for like $100 (it will be 30x better than the one you have now)

Mitsukai09.09.2005 17:51
You have a perfect case for moding it around!!why did you ruin it with stickers and crappy fans??And also the big fan...seems to be placed wrong....kind'a twisted from place!!also I think there's not the best place to have a 120mm fan!!fit it directly extracting the airflow from the processor and the graphics card (between the 2)....and the 80mm one...put it in the front panel on one of those 2 sides where you put the stickers!!the little one turned inside for pulling air inside...and the 120mm fan...pushing air from inside out!!oh...and anotther thing...paint the drives as well!!standard white PC!!

dont like it!sorry!

Ratman09.09.2005 17:23
sponge Bob rulez, but case doesn´t!.

L..09.09.2005 16:36