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Added: 10.09.2005
Other hardware/devices
Owner: guitarockerk
Country: USA

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well i had this laying around (don't know why) so i thought wow this is boring me to death... so i put in an led... it's a red led running at 1.8v (i think) and it turns on when you press the trigger...

took me bout half an hour to make cause the trigger mechanism was hard to align so it turned on...

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Rating: 1.7 - Votes: 37

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guitarockerk14.09.2005 07:02
(respond to adam) amen...

Adam12.09.2005 09:50
i like modding bullsh*t too, just take a look at my lego-dude. Mitsukai, chill out hombre, it's fun to "waste time" It's all about getting the satisfaction that you actually made it ...and that it works, doesn't matter if all it does it light up.

guitarockerk11.09.2005 01:46
i guess i didn't put this but it's one of those handheld game type things... you probebly all knew that... but incase your oblivious...

*anonymous*11.09.2005 01:13
the gun shape is cool, maybe if u modded it to a laser gun... like paintball just electronical. but it really sucks atm

Mitsukai11.09.2005 00:55
What's this for??...putting a large red dot on the wall??

A totaly waste of time!!1/5...and I cant give less!!